About us

Torvius was founded to help highly innovative, growing businesses to gain a deeper level of understanding of the broad financial community and provide better access to the right investors. In an ideal world companies should enjoy a close and supportive partnership with their investors to the mutual benefit of both parties.

For too long financial investors have been seen as detached from the underlying company and focused only on short term share price movements. This structure is far from ideal. Taking a short term view of a company’s prospects and trying to make a financial gain is generally less successful than flipping a coin. Compare this to the legendary investor Warren Buffet whose favourite holding period is ‘forever’ and the difference is obvious. But in order to have confidence to stay for the long term investors need a deep understanding of the business and the challenges ahead.

At Torvius we aim to augment those deeper relationships by matching companies with the right investors and then helping present the business case in the most effective way. Our aim is to help investors and corporates build a partnership for the long term.
Take a look at the warnings for new investors on short term investment sites such as IG Index (“71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


We aim to be your partner for growth, helping your business to access the most appropriate form of financing from truly strategic investors. As your business grows it may periodically require more capital for investment or acquisitions. Simply getting hold of the funds is only part of the process. The real value comes in finding investors that see your vision and can support you on the journey.


The team combines knowledge and experience of structuring investments, analysing business models and valuing companies spanning more than 50 years.
Having supported companies from seed financing through to IPO and beyond we can provide wide-ranging advice to help you navigate the often complex financial markets.


We focus on high growth businesses which offer a positive social or environmental impact while demonstrating an enlightened and progressive approach to corporate governance.