Andrew Beswick


Andrew has over 20 years of experience in public and private markets focusing on the technology sector. He has led No1 rated teams at several investment banks with clients ranging from £50m to £2bn in valuation. He has a strong track record financing growth companies, raising £1.5bn for SMEs in the last ten years and has a reputation for providing balanced corporate advice and a deep understanding of how to effectively manage investor communications.

He is also an experienced non-executive director and has served on operational committees for strategy, recruitment and remuneration. He is a passionate believer in strong governance and has acted as an activist on behalf of investors resulting in a change of management and main board.

Andrew is committed to stronger environmental policy resulting in decarbonisation. He has successfully raised capital for wind, solar, compound semiconductors and fuel cells This is a central initiative for Torvius that aims to bring together technology, investors and policy makers for better long term solutions.

Graeme Bencke


Having spent more than 20 years investing in companies across the world from early stage private businesses to the largest global companies I have strong views on what makes a good investment and the information investors want to know.

Prior to joining Torvius Graeme spent 12 years managing the global equity funds for AIG Investments (latterly known as Pinebridge) before which he spent 8 years at F&C Investments (now part of BMO) managing their European smaller company funds. A more recent role at LivingBridge (then Gresham House) gave him a deeper insight into private company and VC investing.

Too often I have seen companies fail to reach their true potential because the management team are focused on one element of the business, be it engineering, sales or simply growth at all costs. Presenting a skewed impression of the company often attracts the wrong type of investors which leads to disappointment and conflict on both sides. At Torvius our role is to help companies to understand the complexities of the investment world and to align them with investors who will be partners for growth rather than an additional burden.

Richard Calthrop-Owen


As an entrepreneur and seasoned ‘C’ level business manager, I have accumulated over 25 years of knowledge, skills and practical experience in business operations. During this time, I’ve worked in both the Blue Chip multinational environment, and with a wide range of hi-tech start-ups, including my own.

As a result, I understand the process of literally creating something from nothing, and over time, building it into a dynamic, profitable enterprise that can compete in global markets.

I’m driven by the adventure of new businesses and having the opportunity to pass on my skills to other entrepreneurs. However good the innovation is, the truth is that when it comes to raising capital and working with VCs, or to building powerful teams and creating dynamic business operations, every new start-up needs support.

My first-hand experience of providing this support and building leadership has given me a deep understanding of the key drivers behind winning companies, but most importantly, of what success looks like.

Jason McIntosh

Non-Executive Director

I am a company director and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience covering a wide variety of roles in investment banking, consulting and technology innovation at senior management level. I currently lead a large digital innovation venture in supply chain analytics.

In my spare time I serve an an entrepreneurship expert at Oxford SAID business school as well as an Honorary Industrial Fellow at Leicester University. I’m passionate about new technologies and helping entrepreneurs develop practical strategies for success.
As a business owner, investor and corporate innovator I’ve worked with a wide variety of organisations from individual operator up to large corporate startup. All too often where I’ve seen companies fail its because there hasn’t been joined up thinking, or practical end to end plans.

Whether it’s creating high performing teams, navigating a tough competitive environment, or aligning investors, my interest is in helping innovators create sustainable long term value.